30+ Тimes Сats Didn’t Wаnt Тo Вe In Yоur Stupid Sеlfies Аnd Тhe Rеsult Wаs Нilаrious

A face can tell a thousand words – that’s what you’ll always get when you want them kitties to be your selfie mate without any permission. Before taking any picture with this dramatic creatures, you should probably host a conference about how to not make them surprised by the flashlight, how to politely ask them if they want to strike a pose, or else your photos will go wrong like these 30+ people below! Who cares about taking selfie? Feed me instead!!

Hopefully in the next decade, cats will cooperate with us to release some more photogenic pics. Yeah, I mean, hopefully..

(h/t: boredpanda)


#1 Even Cats Hate Selfies


#2 No!


#3 My Friend Tried To Take A Cute Cat Photo… Tried


#4 I Took A Selfie With My Cat


#5 I Hate You All


#6 After Being Away For Six Months, You’d Think He Would Be A Little More Willing To Take A Selfie With Me


#7 I Was Told There Would Be Ducks. Not Duck Faces


#8 Taking A Selfie With My Derpface Human


#9 Caught Her Hiding From The Camera


#10 Tried To Take A Nice Picture Together, But Then There Was A Fly


#11 My Friend Tried To Take A Selfie With Her New Kitty


#12 He Has Finally Nailed The Selfie


#13 I Was Taking Pictures With My Cat


#14 I Guess My Cat Isn’t Very Photogenic


#15 I Tried To Take A Selfie With My Cat… Hilarity Ensued


#16 Why Don’t You Leave Me Alone


#17 My Cat Loves The Camera


#18 A Picture Tells A Thousand Words


#19 Taking Decent Pictures With A Pet Is A Struggle Pals


#20 My Cat Hates Me


#21 Smile For The Camera


#22 My Sister’s Cat Is Not In The Mood For A Selfie


#23 Let’s Take A Selfie


#24 Taking Photos Of My New Lipstick Today


#25 Trying To Take X-Mas Eve Pics With The Cat


#26 “You Can Stop Now”


#27 I Attempted To Make A Friend Today. No Luck


#28 When You Catch Someone Taking Your Photo


#29 “Why Are You Like This?”


#30 He Hates Camera


#31 No Photos Please


#32 ‘Come On Man. I’m Licking My Groin Over Here. Can I Have At Least Some Privacy?’


#33 I Tried To Make My Boyfriend Take A Cat Beard Picture… This Was The Result


#34 My GF Tried To Take A Selfie With Her Cat


#35 One Day, I Will Have My Revenge


#36 Selfie With Tom, The Office Cat


#37 Tired Of Your Stupid Selfies


#38 Girlfriend Tried To Take A Selfie With Our Cat Oliver


#39 My Cat Obviously Hates Selfies


#40 Mom Wanted A Nice Photo With Her Cat In A Reindeer Hat. Nailed It


#41 When My Dog Wants To Do A Selfie While My Cat Wants Nothing To Do With It


#42 Save Meee


#43 This Cat Clearly Hates Selfies


#44 He Doesn’t Like Selfies


#45 That’s, Uh, Not How You Hold A Cat


#46 My Cat Hates Taking Selfies With Me


#47 I Hate Dis


#48 My Sister Tried To Take A Picture With My Cat, George. He Was Not Pleased


#49 Stop It, Human


#50 Getting A Selfie With My Cat? Damn Near Impossible


#51 There Is Nothing Kitty Loves More Than Kisses


#52 Meredith Is Allergic To Joy


#53 My Sister’s Cat Hates To Be Held… Kill Me Is The Thought That Comes To Mind


#54 Trying To Get A Selfie With My Cat


#55 My Moms Cat Does Not Like Kisses


#56 Let Me Goooooo! Now!!!!!!


#57 I Am Often In Awe Of How Beautiful And Majestic Cats Can Be… Then I Remember That Time I Tried To Take A Selfie With Minna


#58 This Cat Hates Selfies


#59 My Cat Hates Me


#60 Saoirse Doesn’t Like Selfies


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