Рhotographer Тakes Рersonal Рortraits Оf Сats, Dоgs Аnd Нorses (16 Рics)

If you own a pet, guess you have had a countless pictures of them on your cell phone or computer. Alike kids, pets are constantly worth the photos, even if sometimes they are mischievous. But quantity is not always the same as quality. Often it is advisable to have a small collection of amazing pet photos that are artistically captured the true colors of fur friends. Photographers have gone beyond smartphone cameras to raise the topic with specialized equipment and above all with a scale up sense of aesthetic eyes. Along with creative thinking, the images of these animals are remarkable.

More info: Facebook | 500px | robbahou.com (h/t: boredpanda)

Photographer Robert Bahou is a maverick when he decided to take a deep look at the souls of the animals beyond “cute” in some of other pet photos. He was interested in what was inside the fur and captured the honest gaze of living things in a series called Animal Soul. We was working hard throughout 2014 to successfully accomplish a photographic collection about animal’s inner world.

Animal Soul is a carefully curated collection of intimate and personal portraits of animals that he can think of. The main reason is that he believe whether an animal doesn’t understand what a camera is. When facing with the camera, they are just being themselves and don’t try to purposely pose like human for the best shot or hide something. What remains is a really honest moment between them and the camera.

“I’ve avoided all distraction by limiting the photographs to medium shots with a black background and I have purposely avoided humor as a selling point.” he explained.

“I want people to look at animals in a way that they don’t normally do. I want to show the animals they’re so familiar with in a way they haven’t seen them before.”


#1 Scuba

McKayla Maroney’s spirit animal.


#2 Louai

A rare blue-eyed Arabian horse. This photo is my personal favorite.


#3 Owen

Owen, a young and very hyper Husky with heterochromic eyes.


#4 The Sensei

Katsuo, the no-joking male Japanese Akita.


#5 The Dictator

Gin, the wonderfully grumpy Persian cat.


#6 Maffalda

Maffalda, a Moroccan street dog turned into a loving pet.


#7 The White Wizard

Avalon, the wise Swiss Shepherd.


#8 Scott

Scott, the two year old husky ready for his duty.


#9 Myra

Myra the West Highland Terrier with an attitude.


#10 Kareem

Kareem ,a stern and serious two year old Arabian horse.


#11 The Eldest Sibling

Four Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreivers.


#12 Tartufo

Can anyone suggest a better caption for this? I know how black cats are notoriously hard to photograph.


#13 Lissie

Lissie, a nervous 10 month old Pug.


#14 Hurko

Hurko, a deaf Dalmatian who responds to sign language.


#15 Trisha

Trisha, the diva.


#16 Puppy!

And to top it off, a Bernese Mountain pup.

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