Аfter Вeing Rescued From Years Оf Neglect, А Senior Сat Тells Нis Нumans Тhat Нe Loves Тhem Еvery Тime Нe Wakes Up

He is a 12-year-old boy who is entirely deaf. Every day, this very loving cat expresses his gratitude to his lifelong people by appreciating every time he spends with them!

Corporal Nobby Nobbs is a character in the film Corporal Nobby Nobbs.

Nobbs had been neglected and deprived of love in a garage in Texas before he was rescued. He was rough around the edges at 12 years old, yet all he wanted was to be loved.

When Nobbs was discovered by Karyn Poplin of the Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary, he became instantly attracted to her, crawled up her legs for hugs, and clung to her for dear life.

“We’ve been inseparable from the first time I met him. He adores me and my husband (Gerald), and he tells us everything,” Karyn explained.

The pair have rescued a large number of cats with special needs, elderly, sick and otherwise unacceptable cats from the DFW TX region, but Nobbs is no different from any other cat they have ever encountered.

He is so attached to his people that he cannot leave the room without turning to them for love.

“He shouts because he can’t control his voice. He spends the entire day making air biscuits. Karyn said, “He sleeps under the blankets, in our arms.”

“He’s the most loving elderly man I’ve ever met.”

After years of living alone in confinement, Nobbs is pouring his heart out every day for affection. He is so happy when he gets a cuddle and returns the love with endless head snuggles.

“He gets along with all the other cats,” said the owner. He’s an invigorating breath of fresh air… I can’t take it because he’s so appreciative and affectionate.”

Nobbs always manages to make people grin. He offers them hope when they are depressed and consoles them during difficult times at the rescue.

“When someone else receives attention, Corporal Nobby Nobbs gets a bit jealous, well a lot jealous, so this is common around here.”

While cradling Archmage Shabadoo in his arms, Nobbs wants hugs from his human father. “We take in cats with any existing aliments, those that can be adopted usually find loving homes and those that can’t, live out their lives with us in comfort.”

Nobbs as soon as we get back from work he immediately offers to hug him.

Karyn said, “He’s a little rough around the edges and completely dull, but he’s the best thing on earth.”


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