Hit & Run Leаves Old Dоg Unаble To Mоve In Dirtу And Cоld Puddlе

An older dog involved in a hit and run was left motionless on the side of the road in a cold and dirty puddle in Istanbul, Turkey.

It was unclear how long the poor girl lay there without her voice being heard, but rescue Sokaklar Bile Yasak Bize received an alert and headed out for rescue.

When rescuers arrived on scene, the heartbreaking image made it clear the poor dog had been there for a while. But despite everything she’d been through, Poyraz was happy and friendly and seemed to realize she was finally being rescued! They rushed the emaciated and dehydrated dog back to the hospital right away.

X-rays would reveal several fractures and an infection in her front leg, and a partial fracture in her hip. The dog would have a successful first operation in which she came out alert and in good spirits! Unfortunately, her leg was beyond saving and needed to be amputated. But now, Poyraz is healthy and recovering in this safe haven for dogs and waiting for that forever home!

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