Lоst Beаgle Comрetes In A Dog Shоw, Tаkes Hоme a Ribbоn, And Rеunites With Familу

Paula Closier was concerned she would not see her cherished dog Bonnie again when it fled from her yard two weeks ago.

But Bonnie soon made her way back, much to Closier’s relief. The young dog was healthy and alive. Surprisingly, she was also a champion who had won ribbons.

“We found her adventure lovely and funny,” Closier said.

The charming Bonnie was saved from the streets of Crete, Greece.

“[She’s] a free spirit,” according to Closier. “She’s lovely, never negative, tail always wagging.”

When she was lost and needed a way home, her social nature was undoubtedly beneficial. While navigating new streets, Bonnie came across John Wilmer.

According to The BBC, Wilmer was on his way to a neighborhood dog show with his own dogs when he noticed Bonnie alone and lost.

Bonnie joined the journey, perhaps thinking Wilmer was her ticket home.

In a flash, Wilmer had written a Facebook post promoting the lost dog he had discovered. The moment Closier noticed it, she responded that Bonnie was hers.

Wilmer decided to treat Bonnie to a wonderful day out because he was relieved that she would soon return to her rightful place.

The reason why they let Bonnie join was that they were already at the dog show.

Later that day, the tiny beagle took third place in the Rescue Category.

Bonnie is now enjoying the success of her victory in safety at home.

Would Closier enter this bronze medalist so she may compete for gold in a dog show?

“We might,” Closier said. “She obviously enjoys them.”

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