A Dog Lоver Tеlls How His Dog Visits An Elderlу Womаn Everу Day As Pаrt Of A Touсhing Dоuble Lifе

Jade, a 35-pound, 1.5-year-old petite Australian Shepherd, and Shiba Inu mix has been living a “second life” as a support dog, according to her human friend Heath, with whom arranged an interview.

Heath revealed that his fiancée runs a home health care facility in a short narrative he uploaded on Reddit, notably on the r/Dogs subreddit (another excellent source of dopamine).

Jade’s human companion Heath shared a story of how she’s now living a “second life” as a therapy dog:


She has been going to see Mrs. Riddle, an elderly woman she has grown very fond of, for as long as the two of them have known each other.

Sadly, the woman’s dog went away on the day that her husband’s passing was commemorated. She was devastated by this. but only briefly.

Heath once proposed allowing his girlfriend to take Jade to the home of her customer. They fell in love the instant their eyes met.

Jade is ostensibly compassionate because she is aware that she is old and frail. Breakfast and dinner are shared by her and Jade, Heath wrote in his article.


The customer reportedly remarked that her life now had a purpose, according to Heath. “Jade goes to Mrs. Riddle’s house when I’m at work.

It seems like Jade now works there full-time because she’s there Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM!

And it’s quite amazing to consider that Jade has acquiesced to being a therapy dog for someone who has suffered great loss.

Heath cited his enjoyment of writing and chatting generally about Jade as the inspiration for his decision to share this tale. He believed that Reddit’s gorgeous dog lovers would find this interesting and appealing.

When Jade was just 8 weeks old, she was Heath’s canine friend. In the hopes that she might improve his mental health, he obtained her from a woman in Palmer, Alaska. The mother of Jade is a mixed-breed American Eskimo dog and Shiba Inu, and the father is an Australian shepherd.



The two are currently boondocking in a sleeper he made for his truck as part of his “experiment in frugality and adventure.”

Jade is a darling, but she also guards me and those she sees as belonging to our pack fiercely. She is incredibly lovable. Heath emphasized on Jade’s canine personality, saying, “She’s curled up at my side as I’m writing this. Caninality? Dogsona? Your choice.

It should not be surprising that she enjoys running because she is partially an Eskimo dog. Heath revealed that he frequently straps a harness to her and allows her to pull him on his skateboard down Anchorage, Alaska’s Coastal Trail.



She enjoys playing fetch. For her first birthday, I bought her roughly 60 racquetballs, which I gave to her all at once. As the balls bounced around, she went absolutely crazy over them! ”

She is also a trained dog, as Heath handled everything himself. At that time, she discovered beef liver treats and has been in love with them ever since.

But let’s get back to the tale. Heath clarified in the comments that Mrs. Riddle was not her true name but that she was a former Texas teacher. Speaking of comments, everyone adored Jade and her tale.

The fact that Heath and his girlfriend are sharing the happiness that dogs can bring simply by being amazing people, and much more so for those who need it, was deemed awesome by the public.

And when it comes to figuring out who needs help, dogs seem to have a sixth sense.

Another commenter made the observation that dogs only understand unconditional love. Although we as a species don’t truly deserve it, we are grateful that we do.

Others applauded Heath for being polite and gracious in allowing Mrs. Riddle to spend the day with Jade’s companionship. Additionally, it appears that Jade enjoys it, so everything works out perfectly.

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