Deеr Makеs Friеnds With Dog Over Fenсe And Cоmes Baсk Each Daу

Holly Faulconer was enchanted by the brave tiny fawn when she first saw a deer attempting to steal seed from her bird feeder.

But soon the young deer, which she named Sassafras, started showing up for a completely different reason. She wished to meet Huey, the dog Faulconer, her new best friend.

Nine years ago, Faulconer saved Huey, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Huey is fiercely protective of his mother, so Faulconer was taken aback when he began exhibiting signs of wanting to get along with Sassafras rather than viewing the curious deer as a danger.

“Huey was a little confused at first and definitely cautious,” Faulconer said. “I would just talk to them both and make sure they both felt safe. Slowly, they just started talking over the fence!”

Watch the first encounter between Sassafras and Hue here.

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