Cаmera Shоws Dad Whаt The Dog And Cаt Do Whеn Left Hоme Alоne

Kristopher set up a camera in the living room to see what the dog and cat do while he’s away. And what he ended up discovering was far beyond his imagination!

No, the two didn’t cuddle up to rest together the way they normally do when Dad is around… Instead, the best friends engaged in a high-energy rumble!

Apparently Otis the dog and Blue the cat save up their energy for when they’re left alone, because they go berserk!

The cat gets a full head of steam and charges across the room, and the pup readies himself for the attacks. Let the games begin!


Cat vs Dog a battle as old as time. Only one will be victorious. #cat #dog #catvsdog #thefinalcountdown #onewillfall #onewillwin

♬ The Final Countdown – Europe

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