Woodсhuck Hops On Gоlden Retriever’s Baсk For A Ride Bаck To Shоre

Water-loving pooch Wally was at the Lake with his family when he came back with something other than his stick. His mom, Lauren Lynde, couldn’t believe her eyes when she spotted a tiny animal on the dog’s back…

It turned out to be a woodchuck who apparently needed a ride! Wally didn’t seem to mind and just kept swimming after turning around and looking at the animal. No one knows why the woodchuck was out in the water for sure, but evidently he’d had enough!

Thankfully, the Golden Retriever loves animals of all kinds as much as he loves humans and especially kids. After getting back to land, the two touched noses as a kind of goodbye and went their separate ways!

Leave it to a Golden Retriever to make friends with a woodchuck! Can you believe it?

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