Good Boу Shows Up To The Poliсe To Reрort A Мissing Dog – Himsеlf

The Odessa Police Department in Texas received an unexpected guest in the early morning hours. It was someone wanting to report a missing dog.

And that missing dog was… himself!

Sergeant Rusty Martin was one of the officers there to receive the dog, and he thought the pup looked a little too happy and excited to be lost.

They proceeded to throw a tennis ball around in the lobby for a little bit.

But they were still focused on the matter at hand. The dog had a collar, but the ID tag had fallen off. So animal control was called to come check for a microchip.

But the case would be cracked before they could even show up…

The dog must’ve decided he’d been missing long enough and headed back home.

The owner called in the next day to say that it was his dog and he’d returned home with his family about a mile from the station.

Chico cracked his own case! Too cute.

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