Giаnt Dog Is Absolutelу Obsessеd With Weаring ‘Croсs’

Hooch is a big, silly dog that enjoys making new friends, playing with small dogs, and receiving lots of attention.

She approaches everything in life with genuine enthusiasm and a desire to learn more about what lies ahead.

When Hooch’s mother spotted “Crocs” for dogs advertised online, she knew she had to get a pair for Hooch and give them a try.

Hooch frequently wears booties to protect her paws while she is outside. When she put them on, Hooch fell in love, contrary to her expectation that it would at least be a cute photo shoot.

“She was instantly excited when I put them on, and we HAD to do a test walk,” Holly Smith, Hooch’s mom, told The Dodo.

Hooch, ecstatic as can be, galloped around outside in her new “Crocs.” Now that she always sports them, she readily agrees to participate in pretty much any activity involving her “Crocs,” including photo sessions.

Walks …

exhibiting them off to the world in general.

They are loved by her, Smith added. “When wearing these, she attracts more attention.”

Hooch currently only has one set of “Crocs,” although additional pairs might come later. Everyone who sees her wearing them can certainly feel the delight because they just bring her so much happiness.

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