Pupрy Gets Frustrаted When Her Big Brоther Keeрs Interruрting Her Awоos

Molly really wanted to let out a big “awoo.” She’d practiced enough, so it should’ve been easy. But her big brother, Poe, had other plans.

The 6-month-old German shepherd mix was showing off her howling skills when Poe decided to steal her spotlight.

“Molly loves to be the center of attention, especially when it comes to me,” Matt West, the dogs’ dad, told us.

When Molly howls, Poe wants to join in the fun — even if it means taking away from Molly’s big moment. The spunky and sweet pup isn’t afraid to tell Poe how she feels, either.

“Poe is just a huge goober who loves to belt out howls,” West said. “[He] is a lot bigger than Molly, but she will go after him if he ruins her spotlight.”

Watch Poe interrupt Molly’s “awoo” time here:

Puppy gets mad when big bro keeps interrupting her awoos from rarepuppers

When the two aren’t competing for attention, they’re busy stealing the neighbors’ hearts.

“We have an elderly neighbor who loves to take walks down the road by my house,” West said. “Poe will always greet her with barks and tail wagging. She loves it and always has conversations with him.”

Molly, on the other hand, would rather stay with Dad.

“She loves to cuddle and get in my lap to be held like a baby,” West said. “They light up my life. It’s hard to be sad when you’re laughing, smiling or playing … They make every day not only an adventure, but just a joy.”

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