Dogs Sneаk Awaу From Home To Нit Up The Dоllar Store For Toуs

Gabriela Carpenter took her dog, Johnny, to her boyfriend’s house where her pet would be able to hang out with his dog, Charlie.

They were let out back to play together in the fenced-in yard, and after being left alone for only about 5 minutes, the couple noticed the dogs had vanished…

They went to the pasture to see if the pups were chasing cattle, but didn’t find them there. That’s when a car pulled into the driveway with some intel…

The woman happened to see the dogs go into a Dollar General together! Upon arrival, Mom walked into the dollar store about as embarrassed as could be.

And wouldn’t you know it, there the sneaky boys were having a blast in the dog toy aisle!


I literally can’t make this shh up 😤😂😭 #johnny #dogsofttiktok #wtf #funny #runaway #viral #fyp #foryou #unsupervised #badboy

♬ original sound – gabriela.o.k

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