Videо of A Dog’s Horriblу Rude Requеst for Treаts Has Gоne Viral

Even though your dog could be your best friend, they don’t necessarily follow polite behavior. They can even be rude, like one dog who gained notoriety for asking her mother for a treat in an unkind manner. But don’t worry, she ignored the insults from her dog.

Sapphire (@sapphie the pomsky) seemed to have been really utilizing the dog buttons that her owners had set up for her. But we’re ready to wager that her owners are really kicking themselves for pressing a certain button.


Sassy Sapphie strikes again 🐶 #bitchplease #smartdog #doglover #pets #huskies #dogs

♬ original sound – Sapphie the Pomsky

Sassy Sapphire strikes once more, her mother jokingly captioned the photo. Yes, Sapphire is undoubtedly giving her mother some flak. We’re prepared to guess that this wasn’t the only instance either.

People were laughing in the comments section. Unfortunately, the majority of them were on Sapphire’s side for this mother.

But don’t worry too much, Sapphire used her buttons in a second video on her page to nail one hilarious joke.

10/10 joke. No notes!

We regret to inform you, but oops! She did it once more!

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