Greаt Dane Thrоw Temрer Tаntrum After Ownеr Took Ovеr His Bed

There is a connection between us and our beds. If you don’t have the right bed, you can’t sleep. If it’s too hard, it can cause back problems. If it’s too soft, it can create neck problems.

The only perfect bed is your bed, right? Well, this dog may just agree with you.

The ability to get a better night’s sleep is something that is common across the animal kingdom and one of the reasons this video is so funny!

Meet Henry the Great Dane.

Henry is a Great Dane who just got called “grumpy” by his owners! What could have possibly made Henry so grumpy? This video tells all.

His owners decided to play a practical joke on him.

Pulling pranks on your dogs can be really funny sometimes. They often respond in such human ways! All of their time spent around humans has caused them to start exhibiting some truly hilarious behaviors.

Henry’s dad decided to lay in his bed.

While most dog beds are nowhere near large enough for this prank to even work, Henry isn’t most dogs. Great Danes can grow up to 200 lbs, larger than many humans! As a result, they have large bodies and large beds!

Once he came to inspect his bed, he was NOT happy.

Upon realizing that his dad had decided to lay in his bed, Henry was not happy. At first, you can see a bit of confusion as he thinks there must be some misunderstanding. He steps onto the bed, hoping maybe it’s all one big mistake and his dad will leave!

Once he doesn’t leave, Henry turns from confused to exasperated!

Looking around for help and realizing nobody is coming, Henry paws at his dad. He was probably trying to wake him up! When he realizes that he is being resisted, he gets vocal!

Even after letting out some HUFFS and PUFFS, Henry’s dad isn’t getting up!

Henry even tries to use his large head to push and shove this large nuisance out of his bed! Barking and growling at his dad, he wants him out pronto! Even after the dad pets the large pup to calm him down, the determined dog-horse won’t relent!

After realizing it’s is a big joke, Henry plays along and starts jumping around.

I guess that even this big dog just wants his bed back! There truly is no sleep like the sleep you get in your own bed.

I wonder if Henry is going to steal his dad’s bed next!

Finding Henry in your bed may be a bigger issue! Removing a 200 lb dog is quite the task. I am sure that they have some pretty awesome wrestling matches together!

Check out the video below!

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