Resсue Dog Dоesn’t Want To Be Alоne Again, Alwaуs Hоlding On To His New Ownеr

Affection and love will go a long way for animals. First, they are scared and anxious but they will, later on, transform into affectionate and relying dogs. That is exactly what happened to Stanley, when his new owner, Clarence hug him from the shelter in New Zealand.

Clarence was a dog walker and help promote pups to be adopted. Clarence fell in love immediately with Stanley, while the dog on the other hand was not at ease. He was terrified and afraid of cars and trucks.

Clarence helps the dog adapt to his new environment by being with him every day. From there, Stanley began to rely on him.

He would always want to be near Clarence and would always put his paws on him. Clarence became the foster dad of Stanley. He likes his new dad and was given a second chance in life.

Stanley was transformed into a pleasant “Velcro” pet. He also began to socialize with other people and dogs.

Watch the adorable video below of how Stanley wanted his dad’s affection.

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