Man Resсued A Dog Thаt Bit Him And His Storу Went Virаl

Helping animals is a rewarding and adventurous job. However, it’s also very difficult and straining. Your work hours never end, there are so many stray animals out there and sometimes, you just can’t help them all.

Often, strays are unpredictable and dangerous too. You have to know how to approach them and deal with stressful situations quickly. Jorge Jaime, an animal savior from Mexico, had an experience recently where all the skills he learned over the years came in handy.

This amazing man’s name is Jorge Jaime and he spends his life helping animals in need

Jorge found a new stray and decided he wanted to help her. However, when he approached to feed the dog, she attacked and bit him. Instead of reacting in anger and aggression, Jorge showed the stray love and affection. Soon the dog didn’t show any signs of malice and started to greet Jorge with excitement and gratefulness.

Jorge lives in Mexico and posts his journey on Twitter


Recently he posted about a dog that didn’t react in the nicest way when Jorge tried to help her

Animals deserve way better than they get sometimes. So it’s amazing to see that even when they’re on the streets, all alone, there is someone out there that will help them. Perhaps we should all try to strive to help the poor abandoned animals out there in the world. If we all help just a little bit, it will make a huge difference.

Out of fear and panic, she bit Jorge when he tried to feed her

If you can, please help shelters out. Donate money, food, toys, blankets. Almost anything in your home that you don’t use anymore can become a great gift for those in need. If you can give shelters your time and become a volunteer, you will not regret it, because the love and thankfulness you will receive can’t be compared to anything.

However, Jorge didn’t react with anger or aggression; he reacted with love and care. He came back to feed her every single day

Jorge wrote on Twitter: “She bit me I paid with love and today I feed her daily. They’re not bad, it’s just that sometimes on the street they have to fight for their lives. These days, when she sees me, she comes running to me and that’s worth more than a bite.”

And now the dog loves him to bits and always runs up to Jorge when she sees her savior



If you’re thinking of getting an animal, please consider it seriously. They are live creatures that need your care, attention, and love, not to mention that caring for them costs a pretty penny. Also, think about adopting an animal from a shelter. There are so many animals out there that are just waiting to give you their love and attention. You could help them get another chance in life to have an amazing home and family.

Jorge is a caring and sweet man, helping all kinds of animals from dogs, to cats, to birds and even farm animals






Jorge is loved by the animals he saves. He brings them food, blankets and shelter



He always makes sure they’re healthy and brings them to the vet if they need it


Jorge is a perfect example of selfless love and care


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