Peoрle Saw This Dog Using Publiс Transрort In Istаnbul, So Authоrities Put A Traсker On Him – Turns Out He Trаvels Over 30 Kilоmeters A Day

Every day a lot of people come in contact with dogs in public transport. Owners are usually around to look after the said dogs, or in case of disability, you can spot the specifically marked guide dogs who help their owners to go out and about their day safely without disrupting the passengers.

But have you ever thought about the fact that some dogs might like to travel on their own? One such case appears in Istanbul, Turkey where a stray dog named Boji uses public transport to travel around the city every day. Boji is an incredibly smart dog that has gained the locals’ attention recently due to the fact that he can independently use public transport such as the metro, tram line, and even railway.

Meet Boji, a stray dog who likes to travel around Istanbul by using public transport



The dog was recently spotted amongst the locals who started taking pictures of the said dog as he was riding the metro, trains, and even the ferry


People Saw This Dog Using Public Transport In Istanbul, So Authorities Put A Tracker On Him – Turns Out He Travels Over 30 Kilometers A Day


The dog is smart to the point that he knows all of the rules of public transport and gives way to the disembarking passengers, waiting for them and entering the train after it’s fully emptied



When it comes to subway and railway stations, Boji waits on the terrace if the weather is nice and goes inside if it’s cold or raining



Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decided to attach a tracker to see how far the canine travels


Turns out Boji travels around 29 stops a day, reaching a distance of 27 to 30 kilometers



One of the canine’s favorite means of transport is the M4 metro line, a 27-kilometer, 19-station rapid transit line


Boji, though a stray dog, is a crossbreed of Sivas Kangal and shepherd dog and takes his name from railway terminology


The canine has been thoroughly checked recently and the examination showed that the dog had all of his health checkups done and was sterilized before


To top it all off, lots of social media accounts were opened in order to track where Boji was last seen as passengers quite enjoy his company while traveling


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